Monday, September 17, 2012

"Another Jonathan Creation....."

Before I go any further in today's post, I'd like to wish Henry a Happy Belated Birthday!  Yesterday, Sunday, September 16, was his 6th birthday!  He has grown so much from when we first saw this photo of him.  Don and I wish him many, many more!

Continuing my posts of the furniture Jonathan has been making........I'd pointed out this shelving in an earlier photo that Jonathan built for Simon and Henry's CO bedroom.

He'd painted it red and when they arrived in Boulder, the boys helped him put the shelves in place.

Here it is in its entirety.

He also made a couple of small shelves for the boys to "customize" their wall space next to their beds.  Here he is with Henry and Simon as Henry places the top shelf in his shelving unit.

Up in Simon's bunk, Jonathan uses a ball as a level before attaching Simon's shelf.  Pretty clever, eh?

More tomorrow of Jonathan's creations.......

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