Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Claire's Accommodations......"

Claire now has new accommodations when she comes to visit.  Our neighbor, Rob, has been remodeling his basement and just completed it last Friday.  Yes, it was completed minutes before Claire arrived.   ;)  The pressure was on and Rob came through with flying colors!  He did a beautiful job and the remodel turned out great!

Rob still wants to hang some artwork and will definitely use some of the space for his collection of large, exotic plants during the Winter.  The 2 egress windows allow great natural light into the rooms.

Here are some photos of the remodel, starting with the bathroom........

I took this one so that you could see the reflection of the fantastic storage unit he had custom built to fit under the basement stairs.

Here it is with the doors open and the drawers slightly pulled out.  The lowest drawer is the deepest with each one less so as they ascend to accommodate the spacing of the steps.

 When closed, the frosted glass of the bathroom door allows natural light to filter in from the bedroom.

I took this photo while standing in the bathroom doorway.  His entry door also has glass panels to allow natural light into the "soon to be constructed" outside entry hall.  Right now, the room opens into the main basement, but after he finishes his next remodeling project (taking out the chimney), he plans on building a private entry hallway that will access the outside from the driveway.  Until then, it brings natural light into his laundry area.   ;)

New neighbors, Joe and Megan, loaned Rob a chair/ottoman to use in the room, too.  It's colors and pattern couldn't have been more perfect!

Here is Rob standing in his newly completed room.  He finds it hard to smile "on cue", but he did fine, don't you agree?   ;)

You can see our front deck/house through the window closest to Rob.  I have to toot my own horn now as well.  I volunteered to hem the curtains for Rob, finishing them mid Friday afternoon.  ;)  My sewing skills are somewhat limited, but Rob bought curtains with the "perfect" material.....their texture was in a somewhat grid pattern, making it so much easier to cut and hem!  Bless the boy!!!

Another view with the entry door closed.  Notice the accent pillow on the bed?  Yep......a somewhat "organic shaped" pillow, sewn using leftover curtain material and stuffed with fiber fill I had on hand.   ;)

A nice roomy closet, too......

This "repeat view" of the room is to show the closed curtain panels.  They are definitely "darkening panels".

Rob is very proud of the light fixtures he found for the room, too.  They all carry, including the ceiling lights, a circular theme.

Here is a close up of the one above the bed.

And a close up of the wall sconce.

Rob has created a truly beautiful and comfortable "guest suite".  It will become even more beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming as he adds "the extras" when time and budget allows.

Claire's visit was made so much more comfortable with her own "guest suite" and we thank Rob VERY much for allowing Claire to be the first to enjoy his hard work!

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