Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Jonathan's Newest Woodworking Projects......."

I recently received photos from both Maniphone and Jonathan, our former neighbors who now live in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  Between the two of them, they have basically written my next few blog posts.   ;)  I find Jonathan's woodworking skills quite amazing!

Everything began with the arrival of some reclaimed Chestnut that Jonathan had ordered from someone in another state, "if" I remember correctly.  The time between ordering and receiving the wood was unexpectedly lengthy.  Jonathan planned to make several pieces of furniture for their new home in Boulder, CO, and with the delivery delay, it definitely put undue pressure on him to get the pieces completed prior to leaving on their next planned visit.

By the way, the framework of some shelving for Simon and Henry's bedroom in CO, and which you'll see more of later, sits in the background of this photo.

Here area couple of close up photos of the reclaimed Chestnut.

Yes, even the unloading of the wood was dirty work.   ;)

Then the real dirty/messy work began.  Cleaning and trimming the Chestnut pieces before any thought of construction could begin.  None of these wood scraps went to waste.......they are still being burned and appreciated in their Grand Forks fire pit.   ;)

To be continued.......

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