Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Rob's New Remodel Project......"

Rob began more remodeling last week, beginning with the removal of his houses old chimney, which was no longer being used.

Here is the roof with the chimney removed.

He'd rented a dumpster for the debris which was set strategically close to the house in his driveway.  He's saved the unbroken bricks from the chimney to reuse in building a base for a fire pit, so basically what you see in the dumpster is the cement debris of the chimney that went through the attic and the bathroom.

This is the hole in the bathroom ceiling, looking into the attic where the chimney came through on its way to the basement.....

The remainder of the chimney to be removed, seen from the bathroom.  Rob removed the bathroom's sink and commode to make the chimney removal process easier AND safer.  He also covered the bathtub, to protect it from flying pieces of cement.  I guess I should mention that he'd rented a jackhammer to help with the chimney removal and it caused some very large (and heavy!) pieces of broken cement to fly every which way!

The remainder of the chimney to be removed, seen from the basement steps.  It is firmly imbedded in the basement's cement floor, so Rob only need remove it to that point, then smooth patch cement over it   and bring it flush with the floor.  The plywood pieces are being set up to protect the furnace, etc.

I went over yesterday after the chimney was completely removed.  Here is what the basement looks like now.  Rob's plan is to build a wall/hallway, incorporating a pocket door leading into the laundry room next to the basement steps, and continuing the wall (with another door to allow entry to the main garage) to end at the garage door, which he will replace and install a permanent wall with a regular entry door (plus a large door to lead into the garage), making a private entry for the newly remodeled bedroom/bath suite where my daughter stayed during her visit.  He hopes to eventually rent out the suite during UW games, etc.

Here is what the upstairs bathroom looks like after some clean up.  As you can see, he re-installed the sink (and the commode) so he'll be able to continue using the upstairs bathroom until that part of the remodeling begins.  His main concern now is getting his house "dust free".  That jackhammer created A LOT of dust!   ;)

The debris dumpster filled and ready to be taken away.  Look at the size of some of those pieces!  Removing that chimney was no small feat!

I'll post more remodeling news as it develops........   ;)

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