Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Petoskey Visit Continued........"

Leave it to Uncle Sean to bring out a "Whoopee Cushion"!  Abigail had not seen one before and really didn't understand what it was all about.  Notice the "looper rug"?  Yep, woven by me as a Christmas gift for Sean.

She was intrigued by the noise and made no connection to what the noise "supposedly" was meant to be.  The rest of us were in hysterics though, with some of us volunteering to be the actor demonstrating its use.  When Grandpa demonstrated it for Abigail, she was unfortunately standing on the edge of the little step (seen by my feet in the above photos) and it startled her, making her lose her balance.  She was, of course, all right, but the rest of us found it extremely funny.  Yes, VERY childish behavior and led by the family "patriarch".

Abigail was just as happy to use her foot to make the sound.

Next, Uncle Sean was a "Bubble Maker".

Then he brought out a fake mustache.......

And finally, he and Abigail went through some baby photos of her......

Aunt Claire found another wonderfully entertaining piece in Uncle Sean's house, too!  We have one of these Pin Point Impression Toys here in Madison, and everyone loves it.  Abigail was no exception.......

Then it was time to go out to eat!

We chose City Park Grill ( because they cover their tables with paper......perfect for helping keep a child matter what their age.   ;)

They're well known for their "Award Winning Chicago Burger", which seemed to be the main pick of the day for our family, with a couple of exceptions.  DELICIOUS!

And messy, too!

After eating, Patrick, Julie, and Abigail headed back to their home (we'd see them again on Friday), and the rest of us went back to Sean's house.  He had a box of old photos (seen in photo below) and was sending it home with us so Don can scan ones we don't already have.  Believe me, there are MANY in this box that we do not.  Don has taken on quite a chore.

Sean's cat, "Po Kitty" (?), found a comfortable spot to enjoy the conversation......

After the drive home, peace and tranquility on the shore of Lake Mickey........

Tomorrow a short post on our 2 stop "Wine Tasting Tour".   ;)

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