Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Last Gathering of Family......"

I mentioned in an earlier post about Don ordering his kilt, etc.  He was able to bring home with him the accessories he'd purchased.  He did assemble what pieces he had altogether over a somewhat non-traditional base.....shorts and a tee shirt!   :)

The day following our mini winery tour, was Claire's last day with us (she was to fly out that evening).  Patrick, Julie, and Abigail made plans to come up and visit that day, too, bringing their kayaks so everyone could go out for a paddle.  In this photo, Patrick and Abigail are about to go out and unload the kayaks from Patrick's truck.  By the way, Abigail is wearing a brand new bathing suit.   ;)

All kayaks are down at the dock and the 2 are patiently waiting for the rest of the kayakers........

Grandpa Don is the first one down there and helps Abigail into her PFD (personal floatation device) or better known as a lifejacket.   ;)

Julie and Claire are the next to arrive.  This Grandpa is not going kayaking.  I plan on staying at the house and preparing lunch for when they return.

Aunt Claire is in and ready to go........

Grandpa Don is in and ready........

And Patrick, Julie, and Abigail take off, too.

The day was perfect for the paddle.  A slight breeze was blowing so it didn't get too hot, although the sun was strong, especially reflected off the water, so care was taken with hats and sunscreen.  Precautions were taken by everyone except "Ms. She Who Tans Easily", Claire.  :)

The paddling goal was to paddle to and through the channel which connects smaller Mickey Lake to the MUCH larger, Long Lake.  This photo shows the trio of kayaks about to paddle through the channel.......

While they were out on their paddle, I got things ready for lunch so they could eat upon their return.  Time on the water brings on ravenous appetites.   ;)

The crew returns after exploring part of the upper end of Long Lake.

Everyone was home, safe and sound.

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