Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Back at the House and Downtown TC"

When we first got back to the house, Grandpa got his iPad to show Abigail some "apps" that he had downloaded for her.  The one we're looking at in these next few photos is "Dr. Seuss's Collection #2", which has "Hop on Pop", "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back", "Green Eggs and Ham", "There's a Wocket in my Pocket", and the one we were looking at, "ABC".

It certainly doesn't take long for kids this age to figure out how to make things change to different aspects of the apps.

When my daughter Claire had found out that Don was scanning family photos, she'd made sure he'd received a large album she had with her in DC.  What a bonanza that contained!  It took quite awhile for Don to complete scanning all the new photos we'd not seen, but he'd finished in time so that we could bring it along with us to give back to Claire, who would be flying in to TC the next day and staying with us for part of the week.  In the photo below, Patrick is looking through Claire's photo album while Julie looks at some "twill samples" that I had woven and brought along to show her, and Abigail (making sure Miss Kitty, Bear, and her new friend, Ms. Loon and Baby, are close by) is looking at a little book that we'd brought her.  I look on and make comments when needed.   ;)  Quite the show and tell family, eh?  lol

After show and tell, we drive into TC for dinner, going to "The Mackinaw Brewing Co." (http://www.mackinawbrewing.com/), a favorite of our family.

We'd found parking behind the restaurant along the Boardman River, so after eating and walking back to the cars, fortune favored us with several ducks swimming in the river which delighted Abigail very much.

It was time to say goodbye and "see you soon".  Literally.  This was Monday, Claire was flying in Tuesday, and all of us would be driving up to Petoskey on Wednesday to see Sean, my youngest son.   We even got a goodbye wave from Abigail (and Miss Kitty), too.

Tomorrow, the family gets together in Petoskey!  For the last several years, our family reunions have taken place in the Spring, rather than Summer, when it seems most families have theirs.  Works for us!   ;)

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