Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Jason Collingwood Weaving Workshop"

I once again attended a Jason Collingwood weaving workshop, hosted by Juanita Hofstrom at her Vavning Studio (, in Shopiere, WI.  The focus was 3 end block weave and shaft switching.

Here is this years class......

Juanita's studio is a former church, with the main weaving studio in the lowest level.  The upstairs, which still retains all the pews, is used for the lecture part of the workshop.

The weaving studio is quite spacious, even with all of the students bringing in their own looms.......

Jason packed in a lot of information during our 2 1/2 day workshop.  Much more than I can get a handle on or accomplish.  This photo shows Jason demonstrating Shaft Switching on Juanita's loom that is set up for shaft switching.

Another angle which allows you to see the loom set up.......

Jason is very good about demonstrating each new technique.  Here he is showing us how to do another technique which I never even got close to trying.  :(

This is what I accomplished during the 2 1/2 days of the workshop.  In past workshops that I had taken, I tried to keep up and try each new technique.  This time I decided to concentrate on only a few, taking more time to learn the process and be successful.  It may not look like much, but I am pleased with the results, and that is how it should be, don't you think?   ;)

Here is a close up of my "3 End Block Weave" sample.  I also learned, since my last class, to label each sample as it was woven.

My sample of "Horizontal/Vertical Stripe Blocks" and a tiny bit of "Clasped Weft".

Another student, Kari, came to the class to learn all the techniques, too, but concentrated on the horizontal/vertical blocks, using a fine black warp with a multicolored transitional weft.

It was a great workshop and I encourage anyone interested in weaving rugs (or more!) using designs and patterns to take it if available to you.  This was my 4th workshop with Jason and I feel I am getting closer to trying a wool rug on my own here at home.  My reason for not having done so already?  Too many other weaving projects that interest me! ;)


Bobbin Doctor said...

Nice samples! I can definitely relate to your words of wisdom - focus on a few techniques and label, label, label.........AND take good notes!

I took Jason's 3-end/shaft switching class when he was here in Minneapolis last year. I managed to do all the sampling and scramble my brain in the process, but didn't label anything and have a few cryptic notes that mean nothing to me. I can't even begin to remember what I did or why!

But it was great fun. Jason is a good, patient teacher who knows 3-end block inside out. It always amazed me how he could look at a mistake and immediately describe what was wrong, why and how to correct it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you weave something with your new found knowledge and skills!

dc said...