Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Inside the House"

Although the house had 2 levels, we basically lived on the main floor.  My daughter, Claire, who flew in from DC to spend a few days with us, used the lower level, which had 2 regular bedrooms, a bath, and a huge game room/ bedroom.  We didn't take any photos of it......I guess because we spent most of our time  on the main level.

Here is Don in the great room.  Remember what I said yesterday about the decorating being "a bit" over the top?   ;)

A view of the room from his perspective.....

And from the same perspective, towards the steps (which lead to the basement), and around the back of the fireplace (which truly was spectacular).  The master bedroom and kitchen could be reached by going around the fireplace either direction.

One of the "creepiest" items in the house was a "Butler".  Unfortunately, we didn't take a full photo of him, but he is a life sized mannequin standing by the sliding door in the bar area downstairs.  In photos we've seen of the house, he originally stood next to the jacuzzi in the master bedroom.  I am SO happy he was moved!  You can see part of him in this photo taken from the top of the stairs......

 As mentioned earlier, the kitchen and master bedroom are reachable by going around the fireplace from either direction.  Unfortunately, the only photo that was taken of the kitchen, was with me in it in "morning attire".  :(  I felt very comfortable working in the kitchen, with its functional "triangle" stove, sink, refrigerator arrangement.

Somedays, we did splurge a bit when it came to our breakfasts.  We didn't eat like this EVERY day, but more that we usually do.

The kitchen was beautiful to say the least.  I loved the cathedral ceilings in the great room and kitchen.  There were "perhaps" a few too many stuffed birds and pig figurines around though......

One decorative feature in the kitchen that was quite unusual, were the fake windows up across from the glass window that overlooked the lake.  These "windows" had lighting behind them......this first photo showing the beginning "sunrise".......

While this photo would have one believe the sun has risen.  They did face east, too.  ;)

The master bedroom was huge!  I'm not a fan of a jacuzzi in a bedroom, but it, too, was beautiful.

This decorative set of doors separated the master bedroom from the hallway (which had a door separating the entire suite from the great room/kitchen area) and master bath.  Quite a statement, eh?   ;)

Tomorrow......our 1st visit with my son Patrick, daughter in law, Julie, and granddaughter Abigail!

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You guys just have way too much fun!