Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"April's Crank In....."

The Hawthorn Branch Library wasn't available for a circular sock machine gathering in April, so Joan, a member of our group, volunteered to have the gathering at her studio, which is quite close to the usual meeting place.

Joan's studio is a house.....yes, a house, not a room in the house, but a house.  :)  Her sister had lived in the house, but Joan found another house that would suit her sisters needs better, and it made sense for her to keep this one instead of selling it.  Yes, those of us who attended the gathering were all green with envy because of the space available for Joan to "fill up" with fiber, fiber equipment, and accessories.   ;)

Joan had been fortunate in finding a great deal on some fiber equipment, which included this nice table loom.  Joan has had no experience with this type of weaving, although she has experience with frame looms.  I helped her unfold the table loom and get it ready to have its first warp wound onto it.......which will happen when she has the time and we agree on a date for me to go back to her studio to help her get started in this new fiber adventure.

Here is one of Joan's frame looms (seen in the photo above, too).  When it was decided to open the table loom, we had to move some of her equipment and furniture around so that we could pull the table out into the room a bit.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this large collection of felted "children's slippers".

The studio house is built into a hill and the room which the circular sock machine crank in gathering was held was in the lowest level of the house, which was a straight walk in through the garage, allowing the machines, yarn, and accessories to be easily carried/rolled in and not up any stairs.  It is a nice and bright space that was perfect for the gathering.  Shown from left to right are Pat, and Jean, who were the only other participants besides myself and Joan.  I'd not taken my machine, which worked out quite well since Joan and I spent more time upstairs getting her table loom ready.

I can safely say we all had a very nice time.  Thank you Joan for hosting April's crank in!

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