Monday, May 21, 2012

"Big Playground Continued......"

Abigail helps Patrick onto the highest platform after he climbed up some bars rather than using the steps.

Then she turns around and runs to go down the stairs so she can go do the same thing!

I tell you, this little girl has no fear!  Here she is about halfway up to the platform.......

Then for some reason, she decided she wanted to be on the other side of the main bar, so began her "switch over".  This is when Julie got a little more anxious, as did the rest of us!

But she made the switch without any help and was almost to the top, where Patrick was waiting.......

And with a little steadying hand, Patrick helped get her to the platform.  Thankfully, she only did that the one time.......much to our relief!   LOL

Even though her Dad......

And her Mom showed her how much fun it was to go down the big circular slide, she wasn't having anything to do with it.

While we were at the park, Patrick had a chance to really take a long spin on Don's "Tour Easy" recumbent bike.

LOL....which may have been a mistake!  He LOVED it!

Abigail had to give it a try, too.  It'll be a few years until she can fit onto one of her own.  Perhaps she'd do better with trying out Grandpa Don's recumbent trike, eh?

Julie and Patrick sitting down for a rare moment of rest.  Must be I had her occupied for a second since Don took this photo.   ;)

Continued tomorrow with back at the house and downtown TC........

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