Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Patrick, Julie, and Abigail arrive for a visit"

My oldest son, Patrick, daughter in law, Julie, and granddaughter, Abigail, came to visit us a couple of days after our arrival in Traverse City.  They live around an hour south of TC, while my youngest son, Sean, lives around an hour or so north.  TC is the perfect "middle ground" when we vacation in Michigan.

After showing them the house, we all walked down to the lake, then back up again to try out the porch swing.  While checking out the house, Abigail had found the big, soft, toy, stuffed loon (with baby on its back), and that became "attached" to her for the rest of her visit while in the house.

Patrick had brought their bikes, so off we went for a bike ride.  A nut that held Julie's fender on had worked itself loose either on the way up to TC or after we began our bike ride, and was causing issues, so Patrick had to remove the fender during the ride.

We stopped at a small children's park so that Abigail could get out of her bike seat and stretch a bit.

Abigail wasn't the only one who played on the equipment.  Grandpa Don couldn't resist some pieces.....   ;)

Julie became a participant, too.

And yes, I helped out in a couple of instances, as well.   ;)

It was right after this photo was taken that we spied another "larger" playground across the baseball field.  Of course, we made the decision to go over there, too.   :)

Photos from there tomorrow......

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