Monday, April 30, 2012

"Purrington Looms, LLC Accessories....."

Late last January, I ordered a "Warping Trapeze", a pair of "Angel Wings", and 4 wood clamps from Bruce, of Purrington Looms (  Bruce was very upfront about how long it would be before my order would be filled, but I felt the pieces would be worth the wait, so went ahead and ordered them.  They arrived last week!

Here are the "Angel Wings" and clamps.......

The "Warping Trapeze" after opening the shipping carton.  The pieces were so well packed for shipping, I was VERY impressed.  Strategically placed bubble wrap of 2 different sizes kept these babies safe and sound, no matter how they were handled during shipping.

The cross bar has this engraved into the wood.  As you can also see from the photo, the wood is sanded smooth with rounded edges, and protected with a satin finish, making the trapeze "furniture quality".

Although not perfectly set up, this photo shows the warping trapeze attached to my floor loom.  It can be used with my table loom, too, but the table loom would also have to be clamped down to a solid surface because of the trapeze weight. 

I have since adjusted the trapeze, marking both trapeze and loom with permanent marker, where each needs to be clamped so that the uprights are parallel to each other, making the cross piece parallel to the looms warp beam, which will assure an even tension when winding a warp onto the loom.

I've not had the time to actually use the warping trapeze yet, but do know what my 1st warp will be.  Don gave me, as one of my Christmas presents, a color gamp kit from "Lunatic Fringe" (, so as soon as I have an unencumbered block of time, I'll begin measuring out the warp.

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