Thursday, April 5, 2012

"My Birthday Continued......"

After breakfast, we drove over to Prairie du Chien, WI, which is on the Mississippi River. I love a good road trip! ;) Our first stop after arriving, was at Cabela's, renowned for their varied sporting goods. We only went to browse, but Don did buy something he absolutely loves....."Chuckles", a candy popular in our youth but rarely found in stores today. He couldn't resist! ;)

Browse we did........wouldn't this be fun to drive/ride around in?

Our tent camping days are over, but I still find them irresistible and have to check them out.

A "Don size" kayak......

"Just for fun", we stopped and checked out modular homes, too.

A view of the east channel of the Mississippi River. There are many islands throughout the river....some small, some much larger. What you see in the distance, is one of the large ones.

Tomorrow......a short time in Iowa.

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dc said...

Tell Iowa Hi for me! Looks like you are having beautiful weather too.