Friday, April 20, 2012

"Heid Music Grand Opening"

Madison has a new music store...Heid Music. Their grand opening started earlier in the week and goes, I believe, through this weekend. Last night, they had a pianist demonstrating their Yamaha pianos. Don's piano is a Yamaha, so he was interested in seeing/hearing the demonstration.

We arrived early so we could do some looking around. As we entered, a guitarist was performing. He was quite good.

Don took a seat with several others and the pianist began.......

I'd brought my iPad along as I'd not planned on watching the demo, having no clue with anything to do about a piano. I wasn't sure just how technical it was going to be so I went prepared to do some reading, etc.

As it turned out, I did more listening, plus some photography, than reading. :) The pianist was quite amazing.

I took a few more photos of the store. I have always wanted to play the violin so was very drawn to this section.......

They have an huge variety of electric and acoustical guitars.

Percussion, too........

And as expected, a large inventory of pianos, some of which are not seen in this photo.

We both had a very enjoyable time.

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dc said...

you sure they weren't fiddles?