Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"iPad Photos........"

After receiving my iPad from Don, I tried taking a few photos with it. I have a 4 photo sequence. ;)

Everyone unaware.......

Now I have everyones attention......

What is Michael doing?

Look Griffin! Oh well....lost his attention. ;)

That was the extent of my photography that day, but Don took over a bit later when Charlie arrived and took these of Griffin and his Mom.

Fun stuff, eh? I'm looking forward to taking it to MI and having our granddaughter Abigail scroll through photo albums. I mentioned that to Patrick last night and he said she does it with their phones, so she already knows what to do. Kids these days, eh? She'll eventually be leaving us all in the dust when it comes to electronics.

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Altax said...

Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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