Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Green Day"

After leaving the farmers market, we walked over to Monona Terrace (flat building in the distance), where the Isthmus Green Day activities were being held.  Yep.....another planting of tulips which evidentially begged to be photographed.  ;)

Mark Bittman, food writer of the New York Times, was the keynote speaker at the Isthmus Green Day activities.  The Isthmus is described as our "alternative" local, weekly newspaper for events, news, movies, music, etc.  Both Don and I enjoyed his talk on "political solutions to unhealthy eating".
Here is a link to an article written about his talk: http://www.isthmus.com/daily/article.php?article=36567

You may remember I'd mentioned in a previous post about my interest in learning to play the violin.  Well, that has spurred me to do something about it.  Saturday morning I did some online searching of local shops which handle violins, and found "Lane's Lutherie & Violins" (http://www.laneslutherie.com/) which captured my interest.  After leaving Monona Terrace, Don and I drove to the violin shop to check it out.  LOL.....yes, I am hooked!  I left my name and phone number for the violin instructor to give me a call, which will hopefully be today.

I found this little sign quite humorous and had Don take a photo of it.  "Everyone" has to enter by the side door.   ;)

Then we did what we do best.....went out to eat!  :)  Since we were on the east side of town, Tex Tubb's Taco Palace (http://www.textubbstacos.com/) was our next stop.  I ordered the regular frozen margarita, but Don, adventurous man that he is, ordered a sample flight of margaritas, which was his choice of 3 from the 6 flavors offered.  He ordered Prairie Fire (front-HOT! HOT! HOT!), Blue Agave (with the lime), and White Whiskey.  All were very good but he chose to stick with the Blue Agave for the rest of the meal.

His first taste of the Blue Agave.....not quite the same look after tasting the Prairie Fire.   ;)

What a fun day!  Tomorrow is Don's birthday, which he will be taking off from work, so I know we will have another fun day doing special things that we rarely do....or that is my "assumption".   ;)  His day, his choice...you saw how that worked when it was my birthday.  ;)

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Jeanne Engle said...

Nice to see you and Don at Green Day. A great place to see many friends.