Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"It All Started With........"

As of yesterday, yours truly is now eligible to receive Social Security. I decided not to begin receiving it yet, and will wait a few more years before I do.

My first birthday surprise of the day was when Don walked into the sunroom where I was on the computer dressed in his "stay at home" clothes. Yep, he took a vacation day so that we could have an all day celebration. ;)

My second surprise of the day, was when he said we were going out to breakfast.....a somewhat rare occurrence unless we're traveling. He took me to The "Jet Room" out at the Madison Airport.

Our waitress was kind enough to take a photo of us.

Not only was she a wonderful waitress, but as you can see, a very kind person with a sense of humor. She'd asked when taking our order if it was 1 or 2 checks and was told one. At the end of the meal, we both got checks anyway, but when I turned mine over, I found this........nice, eh? ;)

As we left our table, I noticed Ed Schultz (MSNBC host of The Ed Show, which I record daily) sitting at a table that we would pass on our way out the door (his show was shot Monday night in Madison). As we walked by, he looked up, and as we made eye contact, I said, "Hey, Mr. Ed". No, not Mr. Schultz or anything like that, but "Mr. Ed"! Of course, all we could do afterwards, when out of the restaurant, was laugh at my comment, thinking only of the old TV show, "Mr. Ed", with Don singing the theme song again and again. We certainly got milage out of that for the rest of the day! ;)

The "Jet Room" is located in this building, which handles small planes/jets.

As you can see by the above photo, the day was bright and sunny. A perfect day to begin "our adventure"..........more tomorrow. ;)

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