Monday, April 23, 2012

"First Outdoor Farmers Market of the Season!"

What a beautiful day we had for opening day of our outdoor farmers market!  The Madison outdoor farmers market is the largest one in the country.  That is saying something, eh?   ;) The farmers market fills all 4 sides of Capitol Square.

The tulips were a bit past their prime, but still bright and beautiful!  Each corner of the square has a huge planting.  These were on the corner where we started our "walk about".

These are from corner #2.......

Sarah and Rick were at their usual spot selling their homemade Maple syrup.  Here is Don with Sarah....that is Rick behind Don's shoulder.

Sarah is our friend Barbs sister.....who just happened to show up as we were chatting with Sarah....and for a photo op.   ;)  Sarah is busy with a customer when I took this.......

We couldn't miss taking a photo of this massive planting of tulips.....

Nor could I resist taking this photo of a well known protest sign either.  This is also corner #3 of tulips.   ;)

And lastly, corner #4's tulips.  We then headed over to Monona Terrace to check out the Green Day celebration which will be tomorrow's blog post.   ;)

By the way, I had a bit of a surprise this morning when I sat down to write today's blog post.  The format on Blogger changed since I wrote lasts weeks posts.  I had to feel my way through writing this.  Adding photos to the blog is reversed from the last format, so hopefully I have that "little twist" down pat, after adding them, then finding they were in the wrong order.  I learned things once, I can do it again, eh?   ;)

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dc said...

Beautiful pictures, I think you did good!