Thursday, April 12, 2012

"First Ride......"

Don spent some time last Saturday getting all 3 of our bikes prepped for riding. We actually have 4 but I no longer ride my Raleigh hybrid locally, but take it to MI on visits to the kids, and he'll prep it prior to one of those trips. On Saturday, he prepped my Trek Electric Assist, his Sun recumbent trike, and his Tour Easy recumbent bike shown here.

While he was prepping the bikes, I was on the front deck with my iPad, so when he was ready to take off on his 1st ride of the season, I snapped these photos to document the beginning of our "biking season".

I asked him to go up the street a bit so that I could get some action photos. :)

He has fallen in love with his recumbents "body sock". Having it on has made him do a bit of adjusting.....for instance, it does make the turning radius a bit wider, and winds from either side have a greater "cause and effect", too, but the aerodynamics of the sock have also allowed him to ride at greater, according to him, the "pros" definitely outweigh the "cons".

On Sunday we went for a ride together. I have to admit though, my ride only ended up a bit over 7 miles, for when we rode out of the Arboretum, I told him to go on without me. Some "body parts" were killing'll take some more training to get past that. ;) Don figures he probably rode twice as many miles, and possibly a bit more.

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dc said...

That Don is a show off! Can I buy that house across the street that is for sale??