Friday, October 28, 2011

"More of the Farm/Art DTour......"

Our tour continued with the South Lime Ridge 4-H Club's installation. This was located right next to the Carr Valley Cheese Shop, where we did find a few cheesy delights to bring home with us.

This art installation was by Catherine Schwalbe-Bouzide, of Chicago, IL. Can you read what it says? It took Don and I a few minutes to figure it out, although if we'd looked at our tour brochure, we'd have understood it right away. The name of the installation is, "TRUTH in the Driftless Region".

"Sky Cage Traps" was done by Terrance Campagna, of Detroit, MI.

Several of these informative signs were along the tour as well. They are labeled on the tour brochure as "Field Notes".

This was part of the next art installation, but across the road from the one labeled.

The main part of the installation were these "Scarecrows", by Sauk County HCE.

We stopped alongside the road so Don could take this photo, and come to find out, we were to turn right onto the same lane that the tractor and hay trailer had just come out from. Our stop was to be at the "Windy Ridge Bakery", who operates out of a culture stand. They also had locally hand woven baskets for sale. Don and I bought a French Bread basket made and signed by Daniel J. Gingerich & Family, of Viroqua, WI.

The first of two "Field Notes" with explanations of "Dairy".

A close up to make it readable. ;)

The second "Field Note" with another explanation, or view, of "Dairy". Personally, I prefer this one.......

More of the Farm/Art DTour to follow......


Molly Bee said...

Very Very Very Cool! And I like the new blog layout too!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

I belong to HCE up here in Oconto County. Geee we never got to make scarecrows! You guys get all the fun!

Karen and Steve
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