Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Farm/Art DTour Continued......"

We stopped at the next cultural stand, but didn't take any photos of it. To be honest, none of the other culture stands were as interesting as the original one, so Don didn't take photos of them.....although he did take some of the very last stand that we stopped at, which will be seen in another post, and that more because of the setting it was in. This one was sitting in the parking lot of the St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, who's church yard held the next art installation. Don and I, standing behind it, had our photo taken by another tour goer. The welded iron sculpture, done by David Wells, of Madison, WI, is called "Tools of Toil".

This small cabin/vacation house was just down the hill from the churches property. We found it a very cool building.....what a view it has, eh?

The next art installation was in a wooded area. This one, by Katie Schofield of Reedsburg, WI, is called "Come What May".

I'm not quite sure what the hanging pieces were constructed from, but these smaller forms looked to be crocheted using plastic grocery sacks. Very organic, eh?

Yes, I viewed most of the tour from the car. ;)

Amidst this gorgeous panorama, was the next art installation, called "Field Weave", by Randy Walker of Minneapolis, MN.

Don, of course, went down to the sculpture to get some very nice photos.

The day was absolutely perfect!

More of the Farm/Art DTour tomorrow......

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Molly Bee said...

The Tools Of Toil pic should be your Christmas card photo!