Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"At The Stable......."

Late afternoon of our day seeing Claire in Traverse City, we drove to the horse stable where Julie and Abigail ride. Patrick has ridden there, too, but not as often. The entire day had been a beautiful one and the setting sun made it a glorious late afternoon, too. ;)

The numerous paddocks held groups of horses so Patrick and Julie had to go out into one and bring the horses to the barn to groom and saddle them prior to riding. It is a "full experience" stable. ;)

A close up of the group that the kids walked out to.........

Here they are with their chosen mounts.

Patrick had to stop so that Abigail could say "hello and good to see you" to her horse. ;)

While they groomed and saddled their horses, I wandered a bit and took some more photos. These horses are in another paddock. I was hoping to get a good photo of the foal that was out with them, but that one came later......

I took this photo because not only did I want to show you a view towards the east, but also because of the moon. As you can see, the sun was setting fairly quickly and creating very long shadows......this one from the barn.

Tomorrows post: The riders emerge........


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Ohhh I love the evening sun at this time of the year, with the long shadows and more *golden* in appearance!

Anxiously waiting for the "Rest of the Story" with the riders-----

Karen and Steve
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dc said...

Ah! Making memories! Looks like a wonderful trip! Anxious to hear if she liked the loom. I did get that right didn't I?