Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"A Michigan Visit"

I drove over last Wednesday, to Brethren, MI, for a visit with Patrick, Julie, and Abigail. Abigail was to turn 2 years old on Saturday, so I thought a visit to coincide with that would be good timing. :) I had scheduled a visit in August, but then had the vertigo incident and had to cancel, so I'd not seen them since late April/early May, when we'd rented the Silver Lake house for a week to celebrate Don's 60th birthday. As you can imagine, Abigail has changed quite a bit and is now saying some words very clearly......especially the word, "No". ;)

Julie's birthday was in late September, but I chose not to send her the Einstein Coat I'd knitted for her, but had waited to bring it with me for this visit. Thankfully, it fit her VERY well and she liked it. I also gave her the chenille scarf I'd just woven, too, which had a brown in it that matched her knitted coat. The weather had been quite warm during my visit, but on the morning I was to leave, the temperature was cooler and she wore her new coat to work, which, of course, pleased me greatly. :)

I had also knitted Abigail an Einstein Coat to match her Mommy's, and it, too, fit nicely. Here she is modeling her new coat while holding Miss Kitty, her constant partner in crime. ;)

I has also knitted Abigail a little shrug which fits, but is a bit too large, so she will have it fit for a longer time.....definitely a good thing. I'd been afraid that it might have been too small since I'd not seen her in such a long time.

Abigail kept her eyes on me quite a bit, getting used to her Grandpa once again after so many months apart. By the end of my visit, she was sitting easily on my lap, etc. :)

She does LOVE adult shoes and boots! Here she is wearing a pair of her Mommy's work shoes. :)

My Michigan visit continued tomorrow......

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Nan said...

it is just great when we get 2 be with the grands, glad u got 2 go