Friday, October 14, 2011

"Birthday Present Opening"

After lunch and our walk through the marina, we headed back to the parking area so that Claire could get started for Glen Arbor to begin the wedding festivities, and we to go back to Brethren. But.......Abigail had to open her birthday presents from Claire. What could be better than a "mini tailgate party"! ;)

Abigail has opened a large bucket full Play-Doh!

And how about this tee shirt? I guess it is pretty obvious that Claire lives in Washington, DC, eh? Abigail, of course, has moved on to her last present.......

A box of Play-Doh! Abigail was quite taken with those little containers of Play-Doh and rode home with 2 clutched in her hands. They were opened, emptied, filled, and closed countless times from her receiving them until she went to bed. I don't remember how she was persuaded to "give them up" prior to bedtime, but Julie and Patrick were successful in doing so.

My MI visit to be continued.......

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