Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Abigail and Julie Ride......"

After grooming and saddling their horses, the girls (Abigail had a little help from Daddy) were on and ready to ride.

As you can see, Miss Kitty goes everywhere. I guess until Abigail gets herself acclimated, Miss Kitty goes into her mouth. ;)

Miss Kitty now has found her riding spot. Just prior to this photo being taken, a small engine plane flew over the stable, quite low actually, so Abigail was pointing and expressing her delight. Notice the adjustable stirrups that Patrick fashioned for Abigail? They can be lengthened as she grows........

The low flying plane made quite an impression and she chatted with us about that for awhile. If you haven't figured this out yet, Abigail has no fear about being up on the back of her horse and is quite at home. Patrick and Julie started having her ride on Julie's lap when she was able to sit up by herself, and then proceeded from there. I did mention she just turned 2, right? ;) Yeah........I'm a proud Grandpa. :)

Here is a little video I took while she was riding.......

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