Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Barb and Geoff's Wedding- Part 1"

Our friends, Barb and Geoff, got married last Saturday, October 1, 2011. The day couldn't have been more beautiful for such an event. Their marriage ceremony and reception was to take place at their house, amongst a small group of friends, and Don and I were honored by being invited. ;)

Here I am talking with Rick, Barb's brother in law, who is married to her sister Sara.

Barb's mother, Shirley, with grandson's Nick (on the left) and Adrian (on the right).

Barb's 3rd son, Andrew, with girlfriend, Hope.

The wedding took place in their backyard in late afternoon. Geoff's 3 daughters are in this photo. Gwen (far right in gold), with twins, Camille and Amanda, to her right (I have no idea who is who as I did not have the opportunity to meet them).

Chatting with long time friend of Barb, Diana (on the right), who flew in from the west coast are Joanne (on the left), and her partner, Martha.

Barb and Geoff were being married by their very good friend, Kelly, seen here with her son, Sam. Kelly is a minister at the First Unitarian Society here in Madison.

Kelly's husband, Dan, holding their other son, 6 week old Owen. I was fortunate enough to have time holding Owen, too. Many of you know how much I enjoy babies......until they get hungry........then back to their Moms! ;)

Part 2 tomorrow.......

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Barb said...

Well, it just figures you'd get around to this before me! Thanks for your excellent prose and Don's excellent photos. By the way, Camille is in the blue top next to Gwen, with Amanda to her left. ;)