Monday, October 31, 2011

"Last of the Farm/Art DTour and the Merrimac Ferry"

The next "Field Note" was about LAND. What a gorgeous spot to feature this one, eh?

Here is the close up one for easier reading........

This panoramic view was used for the next art installation, too. This one is called "Farmed Framed", by David Wells, of Madison, WI. Yes, he was also the artist who did "Tools of Toil".

The last art installation was "Stonehenge", created by Friede and Associates.

This was extremely cool.

The hay bales were huge but were strongly secured using cables attached to thick iron stakes in the ground. I am sure that if they hadn't been so securely held, they would have been blown over by the wind. This installation was on top of a ridge and the wind was very, very strong the day of our visit.

Our last stop on the DTour was at the Culture Stand created by Phillip Katz, of Mequon, WI. It was ironic that the DTour loop brought us back to the way we entered Reedsburg on our drive into town. We actually passed this stand, which was in the rest area, Highway 23 Wayside, but we hadn't noticed it as we were passing by. To be honest though, the wayside does sit somewhat higher than the highway...... ;)

This was a very cool sign that rotated as the wind direction changed. It was moving quite well that day. This wayside is located on top of a ridge, too, and was getting its fair share of strong wind. :)

My copilot, Don, who planned our exploration route, brought us home via the Merrimac Ferry, which spans the Wisconsin River.

It was a nice quick ride across the river. I was surprised to find out that the ferry is a free service, too.

As you can see by the waves, the wind was making itself known on the river, too.

I was also surprised to find out that the ferry is guided by an underwater cable, too. It kept the ferry on course and we were to the south side of the river quickly. The efficiency of the ferry crew was amazing. Cars were quickly unloaded and replaced by new ones, with the ferry soon back on its way to the north side.

We had a wonderful day exploring parts of Wisconsin that I had never been to before. The weather was particularly gorgeous, which made our adventure even better.


Barb said...

So you haven't been to Devil's Lake? A destination for another day! Thanks for sharing this very cool adventure. Reading these posts was the next best thing to being there.

Jeanne Engle said...

Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. So cool. I'm sorry I didn't know about the Farm Art DTour otherwise I would have taken the time, somehow, to check it out.