Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Visiting Amityville......."

Continuing our visit to Amityville took us to this cute little house that Don's parents lived in with his 2 older sisters.......his imminent birth helped make their decision to move to a larger home.

This is the garage that Don's dad built with the tools that his mother won on "Queen for a Day", for those of you who remember the program. I remember the TV program, but his mother won them while on the radio program, which preceded the TV version.

This is the house the family moved to and where Don grew up. They made a wise choice on going larger since brother Bob showed up a few years later. ;)

This is the yacht club which his parents joined so they had a place to moor their sailboat.

This is the church that Don attended while growing up.

And lastly, this is the sign outside my "warriors" high school........

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Barb said...

Thank you SO much for writing about these places. It's amazing to see the places where Don grew up. Talk about your classic mid-century upbringing!...