Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Shelter Island Exploring....."

As we drove around the island, we saw several nesting sights for Osprey's......here is a close up of one of the nests with Mom or Dad (I know nothing about them....thank goodness for signs!) keeping an eye on their surroundings.

We pulled into Camp Quinipet and did a walking tour. Don introduced us to one of the main counselors as we got out of our car and we were given immediate permission to walk around re-visiting Don's "memories".

One of the main buildings for larger group meetings.........

Although this was a camp run by Methodists, it was all inclusive of other religions. Don does not remember it being focused on religion at all, but rather a place that encouraged fellowship amongst all people.

Another outdoor meeting area.

Seating surrounding a fire pit.

And the star of the camp in his opinion, and I totally agree, is the gazebo built on a huge rock setting in the water, which would completely surround it during high tide.

It is a fantastic setting for small gatherings.......

With beautiful views all around.......

An absolutely wonderful setting......

The last photo taken as we drove out. These "boulders", when Don attended camp, were used by the campers for climbing. The signs are posted forbidding it now (liability).

We had a very enjoyable morning on Shelter Island.......but that was "just the beginning" of a wonderful day. We went back to Greenport anticipating meeting Don's cousin Carol mid afternoon. Tomorrow's post. ;)

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Barb said...

What fun to see a scene from Don's past. Thanks so much for this post. I actually got a little teary! Looks like you guys are having great weather and a wonderful time. Glad to see it!