Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Driving up the South Fork of Long Island....."

The following day after our Amityville trip was set aside to drive along the South Fork (we were staying on the North Fork). We were driving past "SUNY of South Hampton" (1 of the numerous campuses of the State University of New York), when Don asked me to turn around and pull in as he wanted a photo of this windmill. I, after dropping him off (there was no where to park), was pulled over by a campus policeman. Seems that no photos are allowed to be taken on this historical campus unless given permission by some official. Oops! I, of course, told Don of this fact right away as he got back into the car (the policeman had left me, finally(!), but had followed me for a bit as I drove towards the entrance/exit, which thankfully, coincided with where Don was heading for me to pick him up). Somehow the photo ended up in a folder on the computer, so I guess I will use it......but only 1! ;)

Another quick stop was at this watermill..........

It has had some renovations and additions...............

I think it would be nice if the "harnessing" of natural occurring power sources were once again being put back into use.

On our way to Montauk Point we stopped at this road side "scenic view" area.

And what a view it had! If I remember correctly, the small pond that was created when it was closed off by that small strip of sandy land on the far side, is called Oyster Pond. The sandy strip periodically is washed away, which allows the water to be refreshed with oysters, minerals, and other sea creatures, and over time, the small causeway again fills up making it a closed pond, where the natives could harvest its bounty without going out into the deeper water of Napeague Bay.

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