Friday, July 9, 2010

"Last Weekend's Bike Ride......"

Don and I rode over into some of the east side neighborhoods, following the shore of Lake Monona and stopped to take this photo. The original sculpture had been carved from a tree that had been blasted by lightening, but it was cast in bronze later.....I "think" the plaque read 1990....or somewhere close to that year. It truly is beautiful.

We also stopped to eat at Brocach, the Irish Pub on Capitol Square. They had a few tables set up outside which was the perfect place for us to sit, as we could have our bikes parked right next to us. The "stylish" floppy hat is my emergency gear that I store in a pack on my bike for sitting in the sun. I learned the hard way that I have to have head protection now from the sun's rays. What hair is left on the top of my head is no longer sufficient to screen its harmful rays and my scalp burns. sigh..........

We also were entertained the entire time by the numerous bridal parties that came to have photos taken on the Capitol's steps. The most entertaining group were the 10-12 groomsmen who all took their pants off to have their photo taken. They were wearing matching red, white, and blue, stars and stripes boxer underwear. The bridesmaids seemed to all be giving orders to them about where to stand, or who needed to do this or that........we "think" it was purposely done to lengthen the time the boys were exposed. It worked for us, too. ;)

Don was so pleased with having ordered "Bangers and Mash" that he took a photo of his meal before digging into it. I ordered a salad, which was good, but I did look with envy at his plate.......I did get to taste it though.....DELICIOUS!


Barb said...

"Bangers and Mash!" I remember it fondly from "All Creatures Great and Small." It was the only thing Tristan could cook, much to his brother Siegfried's dismay.

MollyBeees said...

Ooo! I've wanted to try Brocach!