Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Baby Robin......"

This little guy created quite a stir in our lives for a few days. We think he/she arrived late one afternoon/early evening to settle into our rain garden, which enticed Ginger, one of Tracie and Bridget's dogs, to jump the fence into our backyard. We didn't know it at the time, but hindsight points towards that happening. The next morning, Copper got into the act. Thankfully, I happened to see her bolt towards the rain garden quickly, which caused me to wonder and follow her to see what was so all fired important. I found this little one hiding under some ginger plants. Also in the backyard area was one of the parents, frantically making noises to try and get us distracted from her/his young one.

Throughout the day, Don kept track of the little one's progress, which we felt somewhat confident about because we saw Mom/Dad coming down to feed him/her.

Finally, I walked out and saw the little one on the fence! Don immediately came out bringing his camera to document this great event.

This was the last we saw of the little robin who created such drama in our backyard. We're hoping that it gained enough strength to continue getting higher up off the ground and is now flying around the neighborhood. I'm sure there are some of you readers who are knowledgeable about these things and know if it looks old enough for flight. I ask that you keep that information to yourselves........in my case, ignorance is bliss. ;)

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