Monday, July 26, 2010

"Stirling House Porch and Leaving Amityville...."

Prior to our leaving for Amityville, we took a few photos of "after breakfast" (unfortunately we didn't take any photos of THE breakfasts....they were fantastic!) of the Stirling House porch setting. Here is Don where we ate all 3 breakfasts while at the B&B. As you can see, it was a foggy morning, with rain later, and it really did not clear up all day.

This was taken from "our table", showing the other end of the porch, which as you can tell, swings around the side of the house, just a little longer than the hammock. This rocking chair became "my seat" numerous times. :)

This was taken from in front of the barrel bar, showing all 3 breakfast tables.

Quickly moving on to our time after visiting Amityville. Don wanted to drive to Jones Beach where his family had spent quite a bit of time. We "think" that there is a major renovation going on there as we could see work being done on the Jones Beach Water Tower and all parking lots/bath house areas were closed. We drove along the thin strip of land which borders the coastal area as far as we could, then drove back onto the main body of the island along South Bay, where these homes were located.

Just small little summer cottages, eh? ;)

Our drive back to Greenport continued tomorrow........

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