Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Last Friday's Happy Hour......"

Last Friday's Happy Hour had been a "planned event" for some of Don's current and former co-workers. They had all made arrangements so as to be able to attend......and I, for one, am very happy that they did. I had a very nice time.

From left to right are: Tony (Shari's husband), Gay, Shari, Kate, Michele, and Becky.

Kate and Lori......with Kate's husband, Nick, in the background.

Angela, with Barb holding Becca, chat, as Andy and Rob converse above a happily snacking Benjamin.

Geoff and Woody deep in conversation.........

We all had a good time until the mosquitoes became annoyingly active after dusk, which actually was later than they normally come out to feast.......something that they are VERY prone to do these days. Unfortunately, they have thrived AND multiplied with all the rain and warm weather we've had, making even walking out to the chicken coop or mail box a quick trip.

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