Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Neighbors Mary and Made' supplied the fireworks for our enjoyment on July 4th. Here is where it all began........

Sanjaya was the main pyro-person.....er, I mean person who lights the fuse. ;)

There were several kinds, from smoking ones that had rockets thrown out of them, exploding high in the air, to some which only made extremely loud "BANGS". I am partially visible through the smoke sitting on our deck......

Jim and sons, with several friends, came up from Cross Street to watch the fireworks, too. Far right is Jahan, Sanjaya's brother.

Krista came down with Zoe to enjoy the event, too. By the end of the fireworks, Zoe was saying "BOOM" and raising her arms towards the sky.....I guess she is hooked on this type of entertainment for life. ;)

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