Thursday, July 2, 2009


Our former neighbors, Jonathan, Maniphone, Simon, and Henry are visiting Madison this week, from their home in Grand Forks, North Dakota!

Jonathan stopped by Sunday morning on his way to meet some friends. A 45 mile bike ride was planned.

Later that morning, Maniphone and the boys stopped by on their way to some friends that live in the Nakoma Neighborhood. They are staying at Arbor House on Monroe Street which is so convenient to our neighborhood.

Here are Henry and Maniphone saying hello to Copper. The boys are a bit skittish around dogs, so Henry is being a bit hesitant, but doing well. :) Simon and I were in the house making the boys some treats....sugar cookies topped with a lemon yogurt/cream cheese mixture, then topped with blueberries (Thank you Ms Molly Bee!).

After we came back out onto the deck, we chatted while the boys ate their treat. Here is Simon eating his after taking the blueberries off. :) Turned out that Henry wasn't having anything to do with blueberries either. :) What big brother does, little brother does......

Henry and Maniphone. After the treats, we all went out to see the chickens.

Photos of feeding the chickens and more tomorrow.......

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MollyBeees said...

Yay! Glad you made them. Great pic of Copper! Such a sweetie!