Thursday, July 9, 2009

"A Couple of Knitting Items....."

I just finished knitting a shawl for my daughter in law, Julie. It is for her birthday, which isn't until the end of September, but not knowing how long things will take to knit, one has to start early. :) (Yes, I have things started for Christmas, too) ;)

I asked neighbor Bridget to model it for me so that I could take a couple of photos. I think it turned out very nice and hope Julie is happy when she receives it, too.

And the back view......

I also began work on another baby piece. It is a pattern from the well known knitter, Elizabeth Zimmerman. She is no longer alive, but her daughter, Meg Swanson, has taken over her knitting legacy. Thankfully, she has re-written this pattern, because I have the original in a book of EZ's and would never have attempted it if not for the re-written version. These are the 2 color pathways that I have chosen to use for 2 Baby Surprise Jackets. While at the store (Wisconsin Crafts), I couldn't decide which combination was my favorite, so bought both. A little girl can use 2 jackets can't she? LOL Our neighbor Anna, was also at the store, giving me a 25% off coupon, too, so buying both sets of colors made even MORE sense! :)

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