Monday, July 6, 2009

"How Our Potted Garden Grows....."

The plants in the pots on the deck rails and large floor pots have taken off and grown very well. These cherry tomato plants look a bit spindly, but they are bearing tomatoes even so......

The purple peppers are growing slowly, as peppers normally do (I seem to recall?) but the ground cherries are doing especially well.

A close up of the ground cherries shows their little lanterns, where inside reside the little cherries, which "supposedly" taste strawberry-like.

We had some stronger wind and these blew off. Unfortunately, they are not ripe, but we could at least see what to expect. This is our first attempt at growing ground cherries.

Our Better Boy tomatoes are growing exceptionally well! The top pot has one plant, while the lower one has 2.

A view of all 4 of our Better Boy tomato plants. Even with all of our potted vegetables not being in full sun, I am very happy with the results.

Our 1 pot of impatiens on the front deck is also filling in quickly.

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Barb said...

All so beautiful! You know, I think I was there when you and Charlie were looking at the ground cherry. I thought it had come from her CSA box. I had no idea you were growing them! I remember wondering why HVF was distributing them unripe. I'm a bit slow at times... :)