Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Olbrich Botanical Garden Butterflies and More...."

The conservatory at Olbrich Gardens has so many things to look at besides the main event, the "butterfly show". One of the things I like best about it, is that it has so many levels that one can walk along and see the many trees/plants from various heights.

It's a true "Jungle" in there! It's Wonderful! Here is Don seen through one of the arbors, on a bridge that overlooks the waterfall..........

A newly hatched butterfly. I'm not sure that "hatched" is the correct term, but I hope you'll forgive me if it isn't and know what I mean....

A double hibiscus. A shame that they only bloom for one day.......

We were able to get a couple of photos of the resident Koi, too.

And one of the resident Grouse made an appearance.

Another butterfly hanging on the tip of a HUGE, white, bell shaped flower.

Don caught this one just as we were on our way out.

We enjoyed our visit very much.

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