Friday, July 3, 2009

"Maniphone, Simon, and Henry...."

In yesterdays post, we were visiting with Maniphone and the boys on the front deck. Afterward, we went into the backyard to check out the chickens. I had the boys throw "scratch" through the fence to the girls. Scratch is a mixture of cracked corn and other small grains. Simon on the left, Henry on the right.

I put more scratch in the blue scoop so it was easier to get a good handful for the guys. Buffy and Heather certainly were glad to see Simon and Henry!

Henry decided that a small handful wasn't enough at one time, so I picked him up so he could dump a larger amount all at once. The girls were clucking VERY happily!

Henry also checked out the rest of the yard, including inside and around the greenhouse. :)

The hammock was a much enjoyed ride. ;)

As they were about to leave to go on their way to more visits, Don took this "group" shot.

Henry and Simon getting ready to RIDE! :)

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Baking Becky said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful summer! Quess what? I finally have a blog going. I just started it so its not too exciting yet. I'm using it to mostly put pictures of my work on there. Check it out, And if you have any suggestions or just knowledge about how it all works I'd appreciate it. Tell Don I said "hello"!