Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Down to One....."

We're down to one chicken again. Buffy, who we've had the longest, turned aggressive towards Heather and began pecking her unmercifully. Buffy has not been laying any eggs, although Heather has been, so that also was taken into consideration as to what would be done. Buffy was taken home yesterday by Franklin, Rob's employee. Franklin has been kind enough to take chickens from us before, and thankfully, he did again.

Heather will be our last chicken. I've decided that we will not get anymore when she is gone. As Don nears retirement, who knows what we will do? A condo is looking mighty good right about now.......I say this because I need to mow the backyard (one of my FAVORITE things to do!). :)

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Barb said...

oh dear! Won't Heather be lonely? I guess this is the time to remember they are NOT pets, they're livestock, right? How old is Heather? I'd ask you if your traumatized, but I know better... :)