Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"The Rest of Dane County Fair....."

I immediately thought Becky, Sean's ex-girlfriend, when we walked by the cake decorating exhibit. I "made" Don take this one so I could send it to Becky. It certainly seems an ambitious effort for someone in high school.

We saw this in the commercial area. Where were they when we had our coop built? I really liked this one!

Talk about total comfort! One little push and I was swinging for a very long time.

Don took his to the max for comfort.......

Ahhhh yes......the food.......as good as the smells were, we resisted and "walked on by" (think Dionne Warwick's tune).....

You can just barely see me on the top section......NOT!!!!!! I would NEVER go on anything like this! The screams were more than enough to reinforce my decision to not partake of any rides.....as if anyway, eh? LOL

I'm sure many a stomach were left at the top of this little wonder......

This one I would go on, but didn't. :)

I wouldn't think of going on this one either....what a baby, eh???? It is too high for me! :)

That is the end of our photos from the 2009 Dane County Fair. Next stop.....Olbrich Botanical Gardens for the butterflies.

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Barb said...

Please don't tell me those giraffes are made of cake!