Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"My Parents Home...."

This is a photo that I took the morning after I arrived in Michigan of my parents home. It is out in the country and has 1 acre with it. It was built back in the early 70's on what was then, either an asparagus or strawberry field. They planted all of the trees, etc. This is not the house that I grew up in....I grew up in town. :(

A full view of the "ranch". :)

Not much has changed in here since the 70's when it was built. Nice carpeting, eh? :) Notice the color variation from where things sat all these years. Each bedroom has the same shag, but of a different color. Sandy and I actually were amazed at how well it has held up. Now everyone can understand just why new carpeting (one kind throughout the house) is going in today. :)

Patrick, along with Morgan (pictured), and his young pup, Odie, came down on Friday to help with going through some of the things as well. His truck was fully packed when he left on Saturday. :)

I mentioned yesterday that the house was now completely cleared out of all that is to be cleared out. We did leave some tools in the workshop, and some other things in the garage, all of which will have to be taken care of if the buyers do not want them left, but that will not be a big chore. It is such a relief to have it finally finished.

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lp said...

My Grandparents house still has the 1970's pea green carpet and it is in great shape. What the hell did they put in that stuff? Asbestos?