Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"2 Happy Hours and 1 Birthday......"

Poor Charlie, who turned 30 this year, had to postpone her birthday celebration because of school. She had some work that just had to be done, so we celebrated her birthday a week later. It worked quite well for us, since we were in Des Moines, IA, her birthday weekend. :)

Doesn't the cake look appetizing next to a can of "Off"? That is Anna next to her.......

Happy hour was also attended by Claudine and Michelle, along with son Pryor, whom we met through Tracie and Bridgett. They'd come to visit Tracie which, coincidentally, happened to be near Happy Hour! :) Copper was hoping for some "fall out" from the cake plate. :)

From left to right, "The Boyz": Michael, Lonnie, Rob, and Andy. Jillian is lying at the feet of Andy......

Former neighbors Tim and Amy dropped by that night, too, with twins Lilly and Sam, and newest addition, Alex (not shown in this photo).

Tim with daughter Lilly......

I called "Dibs" for Alex when she was taken from her car seat. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do! ;)

Tim with son Sam....Alex's taking a bottle from me!!!! :) (Copper hoping for some more "fallout")

Tracie with daughter Evie, Claudine, and Pryor. Last Friday was to be a "sleep over" for the 2 kids, but Pryor just couldn't get to sleep, so home he went to his own bed. It was a night to play "dress up", too.

Other former neighbors, Maniphone and Jonathan, came to happy hour last Friday. They came into town for a few days, making sure they would be here in time for the gathering. Jonathan, in the background talking to Anna, with his sons Simon and Henry, "striking a pose". :)

It was a special night for snacks. Maniphone and Jonathan stopped by Whole Foods on the way to our house for some heavy hors douvres, and I gathered some fruit, made a cheese dip for my favorite.....Frito Scoops Corn Chips! :)

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