Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Spinning Icelandic Roving....."

I think I may have mentioned before about receiving a sample of Icelandic Wool from Joan out in Rangeley, Maine. If not, then simply told, an offer was made on one of the Yahoo spinning groups that I belong to, that if anyone would like a sample of Icelandic Sheep roving, to write and Joan would send it. I was lucky enough to receive some. I kept putting off spinning it because I wanted to be able to spin a consistently thin "single". I felt it was time to "bite the bullet" and just go ahead and DO IT! I am very happy with how the single has turned out. I "think" I may have attained my goal of a single, that when plied with another single, will give me the correct size for a 2 ply sock yarn.

The "blur" of the flyer whirling around. Shown in the background, are 2 bobbins of 2 ply yarn that I am going to dye.....using Kool Aid. :) I will try that after I get it wound into skeins (my new "skein winder" was shipped yesterday). I'm pretty sure I will be able to use that yarn to knit socks, although they will be a bit thicker than the usual ones.

More whirling of the "flyer".......

This photo gives you a good look at the roving (lying across my leg) before it is spun. It is "drafted" first (fibers are pulled out of the roving and fed bit by bit to be spun). The size of the yarn single depends how much much roving is drafted at a time.

Joan had sent me this "Moorit" color and a Grey, both are natural colors and not dyed. I have been in correspondence with her ever since I received these samples and have just ordered a "raw" fleece from her. She has a moorit colored one, which she will "skirt" (means cuts off some of the really dirty stuff), then ship. The process of washing and carding this raw fleece to be able to spin it, will be as close to the beginning of the "making yarn" as I will be able to get. Madison does not allow sheep as backyard pets........"yet". :)


Barb said...


You are amazing! I can't wait to see the pictures documenting the cleaning and carding process. Have a nice to to Iowa.


MollyBeees said...

Sorry I haven't been popping in more often! This looks wonderful!