Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Patrick and Friends....."

After I left my parents house on Saturday, Patrick worked with Sandy at some "chores", then packed up the dogs and went to visit with a couple of high school friends. His friend Chris, lives in Chicago with his wife and son, and was in Michigan visiting his parents. They live on Birch Lake, which is very close to where we lived at our cabin on Lilly lake. Another friend, Kyle, also drove up from South Bend. These photos are courtesy of Chris, who emailed them to Patrick yesterday.

Pictured below from left to right are: Chris, Patrick, who is holding Chris's son, Ryan, and Kyle.

Chris, Patrick, and Ryan. Ryan is certainly a "chip off the old block" when it comes to looking like his father, eh? :)

Perhaps someday Patrick will have a child of his own (I am NOT in a hurry for grandchildren!).......he is wonderful with children.

Sometimes they just don't grow up. :) Boys will be boys.......

Patrick, Chris, and Kyle......

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Sara in WI said...

Hi! I was blog surfing this am and someone's blog about wwkip at the Ear sent me here. I went to your Knitting stuff. I hope to meet you at the Sow's Ear sometime. I used to go up all the time but with the steep gas prices, I just knit at home most of the time now. Knit on!
Sara in Platteville, WI