Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Out to Dinner....'

On Saturday night, Don and I met former neighbors, Maniphone, Jonathan, Tim, Amy, and their broods for dinner at the Hilldale Pasqual's. Amy's brother, Nick, also joined us, as he had come down that day to attend his nephew and nieces baptisms, which were to take place the next day.

Tim, with daughter Lilly, and brother in law, Nick.

Left to right: Alex, in the car carrier (barely seen), Sam, Amy, Henry, Maniphone, me, Simon, Jonathan, Tim, Lilly, and Nick. Don was the photographer. :)

One more time from left to right: Sam, Amy, Henry, Maniphone, me, Don, Simon, Jonathan, Tim, and Lilly. Nick was kind enough to take the photo.

Family portrait: Maniphone, holding Henry, with Simon and Jonathan seated. They stopped at our house Monday night to say good bye. They were leaving Madison on Tuesday morning for Chicago, where they would stay for a few days, then fly back to Grand Forks, ND.

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