Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"More of Friday's Family Picnic....."

Sisters, Kim (Iowa, organizer, and whose home we were having the picnic) and Jeanne (California).

Don, along with the four of us (L to R): Christine (Michigan), me, Bob, and Bonnie, Don/Bob's sister (Maryland), walked behind Kim/Carlton's yard to see the sun set.

Don listening to Paula Sue (New Jersey), Jodie and Roy (standing), with Bob's wife, Sandra (seated).

Elizabeth (Illinois), Jodie's youngest daughter (Sherry and Christine's sister), and husband Michael.

Gathering around the family album (prototype) that Don worked on using his new book program, are: Bing (California, twin of Jeanne/Kim's brother), Paula Sue, Christine, Jodie, Beth, and Jeanne.

More tomorrow........

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