Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Spinning, Dyeing, and Knitting...."

I have posted the above photo before, but I do so again to show you what the pre-dyed skein of yarn (2 ply) looked like. I once again used Kool Aid to dye the yarn. For this yarn, I used Black Cherry and Grape. I also had some white singles leftover from another spinning, so I dyed that using Black Cherry as well. I figured I would incorporate it into the piece I was knitting for highlights. Unfortunately, I did not have a large amount of the yarn, so I knit an experimental piece/scarf, to see how the hand spun knit up. The close up below allows you to see the individual yarns and their colors.

I used the other previously dyed yarn to knit some baby hats and socks. Again, I didn't have enough of the hand dyed yarn, so had to incorporate some purchased white yarn to complete the socks. I have to knit one more sock to finish the green pair, then will have to decide what to do about the 2nd hat, since I have no more green yarn left. The hat actually fits an adult head (yes, I tried it on to see about the stretch), so I am thinking it will be offered to someone I know who LOVES know who you are. :)

I may have mentioned before about my spinning Icelandic Sheep roving, too......or was that in emails I have written? If not, here is the finished plied yarn on the bobbin of my spinning wheel. I spun 2 colors of singles, one of Grey and one of Moorit, then plied them together to get this yarn.

This photo shows my transferring the yarn from the bobbin to the skein winder. I am very happy with the skein winder. I am now able to measure exactly how many yards I have of spun, which in this case, was 362 yards.

The finished yarn after being washed/rinsed and then dried, to set the twist of the yarn. I plan on knitting a pair of socks for myself.....selfish aren't I? :)

This is another pair of baby socks that I knit out of purchased sock yarn. I have so many colors of "left over" sock yarn, that I decided to knit some up to see how they looked as baby socks. Personally, I like how they turned out. Anyone want to express an opinion? :)


Kari said...

I love the little baby socks. I hadn't thought of using the "left-overs" that way. I am making squares for a barn-raising quilt from knitalong by Larissa Brown - only 39 pairs of socks to go until I finish it.

MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! Your spinning and dying is gorgeous!! And I love the baby socks! Was that self striping or did you change colors. Cause if it was self striping they matched beautifully! Thanks for sending me the link to that clip. Sounds like the general population of Samaritans should be honing their pottery or smithy skills! I laughed out louds and I was listening to it through headphones at my desk at work!

Barb said...

I completely agree with mollybeees, terrific stuff! The local babies are very lucky. Okay, I'm nosy, what's the clip mollybeees refers to? I want to laugh out loud! :)

kim said...

Opinion? They are gorgeous. Some baby will have beautiful feet and the parents will have a uniquely fashionable kid! Your stuff is always gorgeous.

kim said...

p.s. your Kool Aid yarns are amazing.